Award-winning poet Ann Townsend draws inspiration from her many gardens, situated among her acreage in the Licking County countryside. Through the end of July each year, she nurtures the plants with such attention and regularity that she sells propagations at the Granville Farmers' Market. But, come fall, her work at Denison University as a professor and director of creative writing takes prominence in her life as the leaves of her plants wither away in the crisp autumn air.

Photographer Todd Yarrington captured Townsend here during the last few days of her carefree growing season. It is near her pond and among the gardens that she has written her upcoming third volume of poetry entitled Dear Delinquent. Her other books include Dime Store Erotics (1998), and The Coronary Garden (2005). Admittedly "dire" in her style of writing, she has agreed to share one of her more recent works.

Since all Flesh is Grass

by Ann Townsend

Red leaf, you bring it to me,
splayed, its own silky handedness
spidered out in yours –
red as the belly of the fish
you caught this morning
so late in the season,
all leaves having spun
into the pond. Certain,
we're so certain
of our own clement weather,
the grass unbending easily
from the weight and presence
of our bodies. Now only
the bruise on my foot
reminds me of the tether,
the hook, the clasp.
How easily bored I am
without pain as proof.