Wondering if it's worth spending a cold winter's eve at the Gallery Hop tomorrow? The Short North Business Association has 10 good reasons to go.

Strolling around the Short North in the summer is one thing. But when the thermometer creeps below 50, we need some extra incentive. Check out the Short North Business Association's list of 10 reasons to come to Gallery Hop on Jan. 7.

Three of the most persuasive arguments in our book?

1) Yuengling has been declared the Official Beer of Gallery Hop.

2) You can fight the flu at Jeni's with a scoop of Influenza Sorbet (cayenne pepper, ginger, bourbon, honey and orange and lemon juices). "Cures whatever ails you," they claim. We're not sure that's been confirmed by the medical community, but as treatments go, it sure beats a flu shot.

3) A one-of-a-kind, custom-painted car hood by pop artist R.Land, Atlanta's "King of Underground Art," is on display at Grandview Mercantile Co.

-Jill Hawes