About Jory Farr's "Becoming an elder" in the January issue: I am 63 and love the transition. True to psychologist Gail Sheehy's pronouncements from her study of aging, Passages, these are the smoother, mellower years, if you have completed the essential tasks associated with each earlier decade.

Not solely financial, these steps involve, as you said, the joy of living and embracing change. The key for me is connection:connection to my wife, children and grandchildren. My friends are merging into the family concept in the way I feel about them. Interestingly, with social networking, I have childhood friends who are re-connecting with me.

Psychologist Ed Klein, who worked first at Yale and later at the University of Cincinnati, discussed men in Seasons of a Man's Life, an interesting study that says, in part, that men need a dream, a woman and, I think, a vision (memory hasn't fully kicked in yet; I'm older, you know).

Nelson O. Hewitt

Equal Opportunity Specialist

Columbus Community Relations Commission


In the January issue, we published the wrong phone number for De-Novo Bistro & Bar. The correct one is 222-8830.

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