Columbus Monthly presents a game based, in part, on the new coach's contract.

Information based on Meyer's contract with Ohio State, his press conference on Nov. 28 and a few things that may or may not happen (indicated by an asterisk).

You're hired!: Congratulations, you're the new OSU football coach. Collect $700,000 for your base compensation.

Retirement fund: OSU contributes $40,000 to your retirement fund.

$10,000: Collect $10,000 for attending a Coca-Cola event.

"Family contract" violation: Missed exercise session. Go back one space.

PR duty: Collect $1.85 million for media, PR and promotional appearances.

Shoe deal: Collect $1.4 million for apparel/shoe/equipment deal.

"Family contract" violation: Missed a daughter's volleyball game. Go back one space.

Keep job!: Remain as head coach on Jan. 31, 2014. Collect $450,000.

Football tickets: Collect 12 football tickets to each home game.

Fickell play*:Luke Fickell slips one of his passing plays into the game plan. Go nowhere.

Private jet:Fly on private jet for free for up to 35 hours a year for personal use.

"Family contract" violation: Only ate two meals in a day. Go back one space.

EMS: EMS called to press conference. If still standing, advance one space.

EMS again: EMS squad called to press conference. If not still standing, go back two spaces.

Champion!: Win Big Ten championship, collect $100,000.

Dot the "i"*:Band invites you to dot the "i." Advance three spaces.

Keep job!!: Remain as head coach on Jan. 31, 2016: Collect $750,000.

Gordon Gee*:Gordon Gee asks if you are going to fire him. Advance two spaces then go back four spaces.

"Family contract" violation: Pulled an all-nighter. Go back one space.

Graduation: Yearly graduation rate dips below 70 percent. No bonus. Go back one space.

Cars: Collect $1,200 monthly stipend for use of two automobiles.

Terrelle Pryor*:Terrelle Pryor gives pre-game pep talk. Go back one space.

Michigan*:Top recruit changes mind, goes to Michigan. Go back one space.

Keep job!!!:Remain as head coach on Jan. 31, 2018. Collect $1.2 million.