In December's edition of Columbus Monthly, the story "Toast the season" showcased the city's breweries bent on bringing homegrown beer to the thirsty. Since then, even more small craft brewers are "hopping" up (or planning to). Here's a look at some of them.

Zauber Brewing Co.

Geoff Towne is putting his fermentation science degree from UC Davis to use by brewing continental European ales and lagers.

Towne wants to distance Zauber, near Ohio State, from competitors both large and small by producing beer not as light as macro brewery offerings and not as overwhelming as microbrewery fare.

"I feel like I need to go into new territory," Towne says.

Zauber plans to start selling beer by late February or March, and it will be found mainly in Columbus Food League restaurants, such as Betty's Fine Food & Spirits and Tip Top Kitchen and Cocktails.

Towne hopes to add at some point a retail space and a larger capacity brewery.

Hoof Hearted Brewing

Founded by Trevor Williams and Jarrod Bichon, this Morrow County brewery is not ashamed to admit that its name comes from the humor found in flatulence.

Despite the name, Williams and Bichon have made sure the flavors are no laughing matter. Their India pale ale, named Musk of the Minotaur, is described as having a strong aroma and an aggressively dry hop.

In addition to the brewery's IPA, Hoof Hearted also offers Permafrost, a wheat porter with a creamy texture, and a California-style Calibos lager.

Hoof Hearted's selection, like Zauber's, will be found in Columbus Food League restaurants. Williams and Bichon plan to expand distribution as production increases.

Oval Brewing Co.

The founders of the Oval Brewing Co., Adam Benner and Walt Keys, want to bring something different to the city. For them, that means creating an urban brewery with a tasting room that will give the two some face time with their customers.

The company's name, which comes from Ohio State's iconic green space, is linked to the idea of it being a social brewery. "The Oval represents a meeting place and where the campus comes together," says Benner, a third-generation OSU alumnus. "The name fits with our vision for the brewery, being more than just beer, but being a part of the community."

Benner says the company plans to focus mostly on ales, some of which are on display at the brewery's website with sports-themed names such as Stiff Arm (an IPA) and Puntkin Ale (pumpkin flavored).

Benner and Keys face a few challenges since they're still raising cash and scouting locations. Their goal is to open in late fall 2012 or early 2013.