A Dublin couple couldn't wait to replace their dust-collecting, space-eating Jacuzzi tub when they recently renovated their bathroom. "We never used the tub," says the man of the house. Instead, they replaced it with a large walk-in shower.

According to the American Institute of Architects's 2011 Home Design Trends Survey, doorless showers continue to be very popular. Like these busy Dublin residents with two young children, many homeowners don't have the time to soak in a tub, yet they still appreciate the luxuries of a large spa-style shower.

Today, the couple enjoys not only their new, large shower but a fresh, updated look in the bathroom, too. Working with Tonya Lawrence, who is the interior designer with Dave Fox Remodeling, they created an open and streamlined space that functions well.

In the new design, the walk-in shower is clearly the centerpiece. Here, Lawrence recommended Moen rain and handheld showerheads, glass panels and a mix of highly textured neutral-colored tiles-a stone blend by Island Stone for the floor and 12-inch gray wall tiles from Imola's Antares series, highlighted with a mosaic stone and glass border by Anatolia. A shower seat is skirted with white, wavy 8-by-10-inch ceramic tiles from Porcelanosa's Meridian collection. For privacy, the couple replaced the window glass with milky white glass inserts by Franklin Art Glass Studios.

Lawrence also repeated the shower border above the sink vanity. Once narrowly confined, the long vanity was replaced with a dark-stained floating cabinet from Omega's Dynasty line and a contrasting white counter by Silestone. By raising the vanity off the floor and choosing a large floor tile, the narrow space gained a wider feel. Two tilt mirrors handsomely finish the space as they float on pale blue-gray walls.

Teresa Woodard is a freelance writer.