We made a last-minute change to the April Homes edition. At the end of the story about Chris and Cindy Watson's wonderful Tartan Fields' home there was a phrase that mentioned "when the weather improves."

But, really, how much better could it get? We were editing the final layouts on March 21; it was 81 degrees and sunny. Yet, the early April forecast predicted that we'll get a few chillier days before summer truly hits. So, that phrase in the Watson story was changed to "this summer" and we left it at that.

It would make total sense to say these eleventh-hour changes are annoying, but they're really not when we have the privilege of poring over photographs and articles about Central Ohio's gorgeous homes and gardens for a full month, or longer, before we're finished with the editing process. This spring, I paused when I realized the volumes we've written (and edited) regarding the area's homes.

I recalled a muddy spring, tramping around The Lakes with developers Tod and Jay Ortlip before a single house was built. There was another spring when I drove, with a 4-year-old suffering chickenpox in the back seat, up to the New Albany Country Club as it was under construction. A few years later, I sped across Buckeye Lake in a boat with Andrew Wolfe and Marty Finta while they excitedly discussed their plans-still on the drawing boards-for Heron Bay.

We've come a long way in a couple of decades, Central Ohio. Today we enjoy world-class architecture, superior design acumen and fabulous shopping for our homes and gardens. In Columbus Monthly Homes we positively celebrate our traditions and share with you the aspiration of a life well lived.

We hope you enjoy the story about Chris Watson, his new home and the many others in this spring's edition.

Sherry Beck Paprocki