In a matter of a few weeks, spring will officially be here.

In a matter of a few weeks, spring will officially be here. The days will be longer-no more driving to and from work in the dark. And the temperatures will be significantly warmer-fingers crossed.

Photographer Ryan Young took the photo on this page while we waited for the sun to set. Photographer Will Shilling needed just the right lighting to shoot the beautiful cover photo at the Tobias residence in New Albany. It was the day after that glorious warm spell in January when temperatures were in the 60s. The day of the photo shoot, the temperatures plummeted back into the 20s. Thankfully, Ryan is quick with a camera.

I don't know about you, but I am more than ready for spring! And I can't think of a better way to get in the mood for spring and all that it entails than by going to a home and garden show. Central Ohio residents will soon get their chance when Scioto Valley presents The Columbus Dispatch Home & Garden Show at the Ohio Expo Center. The show runs Feb. 23 through March 4.

The theme for this year's show (and this issue's cover story) is outdoor living. The concept isn't new, but there's a big difference between living outdoors (think camping) and outdoor living (think relaxing by the pool sipping a cold beverage as your steak sizzles to a juicy pink).

As people are staying in their homes longer, they are making improvements that enable them to better enjoy their surroundings. In addition to updating the kitchen and bath, folks are heading outdoors. More accurately, they are bringing the indoors out with lush landscaping, comfy couches and chairs, fully functional kitchens, grills and big-screen televisions, just to name a few amenities.

The outdoor living theme will carry through to the garden center of the show, where 10 landscaping and gardening companies have incorporated the concept into their exhibits, most of which will contain a fire or water element.

The show also will feature Jonathan and Drew Scott, the hunky twins on HGTV's "Property Brothers." For an inside glimpse at this ambitious pair, check out page 21. In our interview with them, they reveal details of some of their upcoming adventures. Other talent at the show includes local chefs, gardening and remodeling experts and hundreds of exhibitors.

Our "At Home With" feature this issue is on Nannette Maciejunes, the executive director of the Columbus Museum of Art. Her Granville home is both eclectic and comfortably elegant. Of course, artwork dominates her walls, but she also has some quirky collections, including small wind-up toys and characters from Tim Burton's "The Nightmare Before Christmas."

As you read through this issue, I hope that it puts you in a spring state of mind. And, if you need more inspiration, head out to the show!

Rebecca Walters