Heading into their junior year, OSU's Max and Zach Zitney work to bring their big idea to market

Max and Zach Zitney started their own landscaping company in seventh grade, played together on the high-school basketball team, then moved from northeast Ohio to study communications at Ohio State. So it made perfect sense that the inseparable, identical twins would team up to create MiRing-a stylish, Bluetooth-enabled finger ring that lights up or vibrates when a smartphone gets a text, call or social-media notification. (Your move, Winklevoss twins!) "It's for anyone with a smartphone, anyone who misses calls," says Max, adding their Z Squared company is currently attempting crowd-funding for a prototype and pitching to engineers, designers and local entrepreneurs. "If we don't do it, someone will. It'll be on the market in the next two years." miring.co

Max Zitney

Age: 21
Grade: Junior
Major: Strategic communications
Twin stat: 20 minutes older
Favorite invention: The basketball
Greatest achievement: Helping build an idea for a landscaping service into a legit business
Most important lesson so far: "Meeting people and having different views on the same idea-you have to take it all with a grain of salt and put it into your own thinking. One person might think it's impossible but it's awesome, and this person over here is like, 'Yeah, it can be done.''

Zach Zitney

Age: 21
Grade: Junior
Major: New media communications
Twin stat: 2 inches taller
Favorite invention: The iPhone
Greatest achievement: Completing a top-to-bottom restoration of a 1988 Jeep Wrangler
Most important lesson so far: "Everyone says, 'Let's invent something! Let's put this together and go out and sell it.' But we've learned there are so many more obstacles involved. You don't even know. We've probably only learned half of them right now."