Where do local chefs go for a casual meal?

Where do local chefs go for a casual meal?

“I love going to Moy’s Chinese restaurant. I’ve been going there for 15 years. It’s just phenomenal food done with incredible technique in a non-pretentious way. My favorite dish is the shrimp dumpling wonton soup. Chef Moy’s handmade dumplings are world-class.” —Bill Glover, executive chef of Gallerie Bar and Bistro

“Harvest Pizzeria [is great] because their food is super consistent and really delicious, and it feels like a really comfortable place to go. It’s one of those places I’m more than happy to get the exact same ting every time I go: their pizza with kalamata olives.” —Nicolene Schwartz, founder of Roake Tonics

“I like Due Amici’s brunch. You don’t have to go in super dressed up. Any brunch that offers a brunch burger is really fun. [My favorite is] definitely the brunch burger, every time, with eggs over-easy on top.” —Marcus Meachum, executive chef at Bodega

“The Tavern in Olde Towne East is a nice place to go after work to have a beer and grab a bite. Their outdoor patio with the fire pit is a nice atmosphere. For what they’re doing, their food is pretty tasty. Their salads—they’re fresh, nice and big.” —David Tetzloff, executive chef at G. Michael’s

“I love Kitchen Little in the North Market. They do a great cassoulet. Everything is scratch cooking; they have the food being made right in front of you. It’s nice to see people who know what they’re doing with the ingredients, and they’re doing things right.” —Thomas Smith, executive chef at The Worthington Inn

“Lately I’ve been loving brunch at Wolf’s Ridge Brewing. To me, it’s a cool, casual place with great, thoughtful food. I love the environment. They have these apple cider glazed doughnuts [that are] really yummy, and their [corn-stuffed] omelet is really good.” —Cara Mangini, chef and owner of Little Eater