We sit down with Ohio State Buckeye basketball star siblings, Aaron Craft and Cait Craft

Looking back, what has it meant to be at Ohio State at the same time?

Aaron: I remember she was going through the recruiting process, and I didn't think it was going to happen even then. It's been great. We see each other just about daily here at the gym-which is where we spent most of our time when we were home anyway.

How competitive are you with each other?

Aaron: Pretty competitive.

Cait: [Laughs.] Everything we do is always about who's going to win, and whoever does win just doesn't let the other person hear the end of it, until the next time.

Like the last PIG game ...

Aaron: Which I won. On record. Do you still offer each other constructive criticism?

Cait: If it's after a game and everybody's telling me, "Good job, you played well," Aaron's the first person to put that to rest and tell me what he saw. I don't foresee that ever stopping, even if we win by 50 ...

Aaron: She probably missed a free throw or something.

Who is the better free-throw shooter?

Cait: At the end of the game, I give the ball to Aaron.

How about threes?

Aaron: Threes, I gotta give her the ball.

What do you like about Columbus?

Aaron: This place is great. When I say, "I'm gonna go home," I consider coming here. I love spending time here. Over the years, you pick favorite spots to go eat and just meet great people.

What are some of those favorite spots?

Aaron: I frequent the Dairy Queen on Fifth. They actually know my order there ... It's a cookie dough Blizzard with chocolate ice cream. It's big time. The first time they knew my order, I said, "I've made it."