Meet Amy Conley, a realtor at Conley & Partners at Cutler Real Estate in Columbus

Age: 40 Occupation: Realtor, Conley & Partners at Cutler Real Estate

When I'm not working I'm… Trying to avoid work. I have a fantastic group of close friends with whom I spend a lot of time. We enjoy grabbing dinner and drinks, sitting by the pool and traveling.

Your perfect mate in five words or less… smart, fun, witty, clever, self-assured

Deal breakers? Chronic halitosis would be high on the list.

What's your dream superpower? I spend a lot of time in my car. I'd love to have Samantha's powers from "Bewitched"-wiggle my noise and poof-I'm at my next destination.

Most people don't know… I learned to snow ski at age 3. Sometimes we went skiing instead of going to school.

What's on your bucket list? Traveling to all seven continents. Which would double as a great opportunity to find new wineries to peddle my tea towels.

Dream vacation? Southern Italy is next on my list.

Dogs or cats? Dogs, specifically my 11-year-old cavalier who can often be found snoring in my office.

If I won the lottery… I would need the number for NetJets.

I own too many… shoes and handbags.

If you were stranded on a desert island and you could bring one… Book?"The Dummies' Guide to Getting Off Desert Islands" Food?Ice-isn't that what Tom Hanks missed most? Movie?"Castaway" Album? You Found Me, The Fray App?Get My Boat-it's like Uber but for boats.