Meet Dante Romano, a freelance graphic designer and creative director in Columbus

Age: 34 Occupation: Freelance graphic designer and creative director

Your dream job? Traveling and painting. If I could be a full-time artist, that would be great.

When I'm not working I'm… hanging out with my dog and painting.

Your perfect mate in five words or less… sense of humor, pretty, caring, charming, adventurous

Deal breakers? You have to love animals.

No. 1 dating rule? Punctuality

Most people don't know… I'm kind of obsessed with animal documentaries.

What's on your bucket list? It would either be spend a summer in Bali or to have my work shown in a museum.

Dream vacation? Touring the Mediterranean coast, [especially] the area of Calabria in Italy, which is where my family is originally from.

If I won the lottery… a lot of it would go to animal welfare organizations.

I own too many… pairs of jeans with holes in them.

My guilty pleasure is… an extra-dirty martini.

If you were stranded on a desert island and you could bring one… Book? "Where the Sidewalk Ends" by Shel Silverstein Food? My mom's seven-layer lasagna Movie? "The Goonies" Album? Nas' Illmatic App? Tumblr or Ice Rage. One of those two.