April's concert offerings are excuses to get creative with your style.

Three of the most notable acts in music make a stop in the Cap City this month. While they're wildly different, these musicians have in common grandiose live performances that require a bit of sartorial imagination from concert-goers. Blend into the crowds while still standing out at the upcoming Arcade Fire, Cher and Miley Cyrus concerts.

Arcade Fire: Reflektor tour April 29, Schottenstein Center

From indie darling to arena rock band, Arcade Fire continues its evolution both stylistically and musically, mingling on their latest album, Reflektor, influences from Bowie, disco, Greek mythology and band member Regine Chassagne's Haitian roots. The band made waves when they asked concertgoers to don "costume or formal attire." Take it as a fun excuse to marry Arcade Fire's anthemic music with a masquerade-style ensemble. Opt for black and white tuxedo jackets, suspenders, mirror-ball embellishments and masks. If you're traveling in a group, take time to coordinate-Arcade Fire's known for dressing in synchronized glitz.

Cher: Dressed to Kill tour April 30, Nationwide Arena

The name of the tour sets the tone for the dress code (this is Cher, after all). Think "bigger is better," and you should be set. But if you're looking for inspiration, seek out Bob Mackie, the designer who's created many of Cher's most (in)famous looks. Feathers and fringe are safe bets, of course, as are black sequins, elaborate hairpieces and getups that show a little skin. If you're a big fan, go for a throwback look and pair bell-bottomed pants with a hippie-chic vest or black leather with fishnet tights. With Cher, more is always more, so work in big, glamorous accessories and pay a visit to a salon for a dramatic (and Cher-esque stick-straight) blowout.

Miley Cyrus: Bangerz tour April 13, Schottenstein Center

Marc Jacobs and Roberto Cavalli designed some of the racy-meets-kitschy costumes for Cyrus' Bangerz tour, so look to the two designers for inspiration. Also appropriate? The mother of campy-glam herself, Dolly Parton. (She's Cyrus' godmother too.) Your outfit for the Columbus stop of this show should be bold, loud and the antithesis of anything you'd wear at the office. Think faux fur, metallics, sequins, high-waist jean shorts, '80s-inspired neon accents and, if you're feeling truly adventurous, a leotard. Though Miley has made a name for herself with wacky outfits, shocking award-show moves and a habit of incessantly sticking out her tongue, it's also important to remember she's self-deprecating. This show doesn't take itself too seriously-dress accordingly.