Meet Jami Goldstein, president of marketing, communications and events at the Greater Columbus Arts Council

Age: 44 Occupation: Vice president of marketing, communications and events, Greater Columbus Arts Council

When I'm not working I'm… probably reading something, hopefully for pleasure. Poetry or fiction. I like detective novels; I'm a Sherlock Holmes fan. A little bit of sci-fi. And classics, I sometimes go back to those.

Your perfect mate in five words or less… intelligent, kind, honest, adventuresome-oh, and he has to make me laugh.

Your bad habit? Procrastination

Most people don't know… I was a ballet dancer when I was young, for almost 12 years.

What's on your bucket list? Driving a race car is one and learning to play the piano

Dream vacation? Bora Bora or any beautiful beach where I can sleep by the ocean and lay on the beach and read all day

If I won the lottery… I would become a passionate philanthropist.

On the weekend you'll find me… trying to return a more sane rhythm to my life.

My guilty pleasure is… Cocoa Puffs. Or laying around on a Sunday reading and doing nothing productive.

If you were stranded on a desert island and you could bring one… Book? It would have to be a book of poems, like "The Essential Rumi." Food? Well, water, but also oranges. Movie? "Breakfast at Tiffany's" Album? Thelonious Monk. But if it was something rock 'n' roll, I'd say Sticky Fingers, The Rolling Stones. App? Sky Map. It shows constellations when you hold it up to the sky, even during the daytime.