Columbus Blue Jacket Brandon Dubinsky and his wife decided on a condo at North Bank Park in the Arena District after moving to Columbus from New York City

Summer 2012 was a whirlwind for Brandon and Brenna Dubinsky. Just a month after they were married, Brandon, who had played for the New York Rangers for five years, was traded to the Columbus Blue Jackets, and they needed to find a place to live in Columbus.

"We didn't know what to expect from Columbus itself, so we didn't really know what we were looking for," Brenna says. "But I think that we knew we wanted to be Downtown just to make the transition from going from New York City to Ohio a little bit easier for us."

They looked in and around Downtown before deciding on a condo at North Bank Park in the Arena District. The obvious selling point was that it's just steps away from Nationwide Arena. But after renting in Manhattan, the Dubinksys were excited to make this place their own, drawing decor inspiration from Ralph Lauren's Brook Street Collection.

"I was kind of a little bit more on the modern side, and she was a little bit more on the traditional side," Brandon says of their styles. "And I think we settled sort of in between, because we kept sharp colors and lots of blacks and whites and grays-kind of that modern look. But we were able to do some traditional pieces with it."

Now new parents, the Dubinskys are still happy with their location choice, says Brenna, who's taking a break from modeling to be a full-time mom.

Adds Brandon: "We have everything that we need either a walk or short drive away. So I guess if there was a con for me, it'd be that the golf course (Muirfield Village Golf Club) is around 30 minutes away."

Words that describe our neighborhood:Fun, vibrant, up and coming, easy

Favorite hangouts:The Three Legged Mare, Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant

Favorite restaurant:Kooma Sushi

Best-kept secret of our neighborhood:"We haven't really discovered too much stuff; we've sort of been led onto things," Brandon says. "I'm sure as we live here a little bit longer and maybe with this little guy (son, Brady), we'll go on a few more adventures and find some cool spots."