Congrats, Sis!

Congrats, Sis!

Our sister magazine, Crave, picked up a huge honor at this year’s Press Club of Cleveland awards, taking home third place in the Best Magazine in Ohio category. This year, we started delivering Crave, a quarterly magazine all about Columbus dining, with Columbus Monthly to subscribers. Buying off the newsstand? Look for Crave in Barnes & Noble, Whole Foods, Lucky’s Market, Earth Fare, Fresh Market and other locations.

You’re the Best

Welcome to our annual “Best of Columbus” blowout issue. Between your picks and ours, we count about 350 winners, including events, shops, restaurants, foods, celebrities and places.

How do we do it? We started in February, believe it or not, by reviewing and rewriting the readers’-choice categories. We love to add and subtract categories to keep things fresh and take note of emerging trends in the city. Then we compile a list of nominees for each reader category, taking into account top-voted nominees from the previous year, including some notable newbies and sweeping away shuttered businesses and events. Readers get six weeks to vote, and we get the results almost instantly after the polls close.

In the meantime, editors get together for an all-out brainstorming and pitch-making session away from the office (we hit up Till this year). It’s competitive, and staffers put a lot of thought into making the case for their favorites. From there, stories get divvied up among writers, and we start thinking about the all-important cover image.

This year, we hired British designer Andy Smith, who’s designed for Time Out London, among other publications. We loved the energy, color and playfulness of Andy’s illustrations. Every image you see on the cover corresponds to a category in the cover story. (We are particularly fond of the unsteady diver.)

More time and effort goes into this issue than any other of the year, and that’s saying something. Columbus Monthly has been publishing some form of a best-of cover since the early ’80s, after all.

Possibly the most fun thing about this issue, though, is hearing your response to it. Remember to hop on Facebook and Twitter to tell us and each other what you think of our picks. What did we get right? What did we miss? What would you like to see next time around?


In the June story “House Specialties,” we reported Mount Carmel Health systems completed a $110 million expansion on St. Ann’s hospital in Westerville, which included, among other things, a new heart hospital. The expansion enabled St. Ann’s to perform open-heart surgery for the first time. Our story incorrectly stated that the expansion allowed Mount Carmel to perform the surgery for the first time; Mount Carmel West and East have been performing open-heart surgery for decades, says spokeswoman Bailey Cultice.

A listing for the Motts Military Museum in the June issue (“Summer Entertainment Guide”) erroneously said the museum is in Grove City. It is, in fact, in Groveport.