Bob Kendrick, named one of the sexiest male anchors by People magazine, on his reaction and what's next

*According to People Magazine

You were recently named one of the sexiest male anchors by People magazine. How did this happen? People put this call out for viewers to vote for the sexiest male anchor. It was a slow news day, and our 6 p.m. producer decided to put our names out there. I am walking past the assignment desk a couple of weeks later, and the assignment editor says: "There is a Tara Fowler on the line from People magazine in New York. She says you've been voted one of the sexiest male anchors alive. I told her that's a bad joke, but she convinced me it's for real."

So what went through your mind? First thought: I am being punked. What I wasn't prepared for was how it resonates with people. To me, it has all the resonance of dandelion fluff. But rather than just blow it off, which was my first instinct, I realized it behooved me to play the game a bit.

What does the game look like?We played it up with our tongue firmly in our cheek, like, "Oh, yeah, of course I am, and here is why." We gave ourselves four days of it, and when the clock struck midnight on the fourth day that was it. That last night, [meteorologist Bill Kelly] asked me what sexy is. I said: "It's more than just chiseled good looks. It's also got to be a combination of that and rapier wit, keen intellect and, above all, humility."

You're Canadian. Did that play into your selection? People tell me all the time they like my humor. I am utterly irreverent, particularly when it comes to myself. The natural irreverence of a Canadian is nice and works in my favor.

What's next? This is a business where generating buzz is critical. It's very difficult for a middle-aged white guy to generate buzz in TV news. There is nothing exotic about us at all. I'll take a little buzz.