Piece by piece, Downtown is becoming a more walkable destination neighborhood. We have some ideas for a few more elements to throw into the mix.

1. Although there is a post office in the federal building at Spring and High streets, getting through security on lunch break just isn't practical. A storefront post office would be better suited to people who live, work and play Downtown.

2. In 2013, Capital Crossroads Special Improvement District started the KickStart Columbus program, which awards selected local businesses a year of free rent in retail spaces near Columbus Commons. We'd like to see a similar initiative fill in empty storefronts along High Street, including a bodega- style convenience store.

3. The green space surrounding the Statehouse would make a great home for an outdoor ice-skating rink in the winter.

4. Pop-up alley parties would bring life to Lynn Street in the form of music, local vendors, food and art.

5. Let's celebrate our historic buildings, like the former Madison's building, which would make a great boutique hotel with a restaurant and a rooftop bar.

6. Last year, the Greater Columbus Arts Council started the Community & Street Performer Program to pay street performers. Let's expand the program to showcase even more local talent along this stretch of High Street.

7. A club-size music venue, along the lines of The Metro (Chicago) or the 9:30 Club (Washington, D.C.), would bring more culture to Downtown.

8. Bus shelters that include interactive route information and a countdown to the next bus would encourage more people to ride. (And extending CBUS hours wouldn't hurt, either.)

9. Parts of Downtown 9 are plagued with underutilized parking lots, so let's fill one (or more) with food trucks.

10. A few more transportation options-like dedicated bike lanes and a streetcar on High Street-would encourage more people to ditch their cars, which would help reduce the Downtown traffic and parking crunch.