Myth: Cardio equals weight loss.

Myth: Cardio equals weight loss.
Truth: Yes, cardio burns calories. But it's weight training that helps your body continue to burn fat after the workout ends. Tip: Try a boot camp-style fitness class for a mix of both.

Myth: Yoga is for the super-flexible only.
Truth: Not true, says Thank Yoga owner Josie Schweitzer: "Yoga is about being present in the moment-being flexible in your life in general-not about who can nail the most poses."

Myth: Gluten-free is healthy.
Truth: Clean eating is clean eating, and gluten-free snacks and breads often have as many unnecessary "extras" as the wheat-packed stuff. Cutting carbs? Replace those calories with fruits, veggies and nuts instead.

Myth: Spot reduction works.
Truth: Unfortunately, you can't target where you'll lose fat. Focus on whole-body workouts that keep your heart rate up and all muscles engaged. Bonus: These workouts are way more fun.

Myth: Stretch first.
Truth: Warm up with a few minutes of cardio before stretching and save the deepest stretches for the end of the workout.