Max Rice III of Two Daughters Kimchi suggests four easy ways to work his small-batch line of fermented cabbage into your diet.

Earlier this year, chefs John Franke and Max Rice III realized they had two things in common: a love of Asian food and fatherhood (they both have girls). These kindred interests gave birth to Two Daughters Kimchi, a small-batch line of fermented cabbage now available at Weiland's Market in styles ranging from traditional to vegan to scorpion hot. How home cooks can get the most out of their kimchee is the No. 1 question Rice hears. "I always say, it's like pickles and cheese, you can sit and snack on it by itself," he says. But in case that doesn't suit your mood, the chef suggests four easy ways to work Two Daughters Kimchi into your diet.

1. Eggs: "It's really good with eggs in the morning, served over scrambled eggs or an over-easy egg."

2. Grilled cheese: "In Korea, American cheese is a big thing. Make a grilled cheese and stick the kimchee in between two slices of cheese. It's ridiculously good."

3. In place of salad: "It's always good paired with grilled meats. If you were going to have a side salad that night, add a side of kimchee instead."

4. Hot dogs and brats: "It's a great substitute for sauerkraut."