New to Columbus Monthly: We highlight the top 25 real estate transactions in central Ohio as provided by CompuName of Westerville.





7591 Brandon Road, New Albany

Andrew and Sue Skasko from Gary L. and Constance Saltus


1825 Upper Chelsea Road, Columbus

Brad J. and Jaeleen Clark DeHays from Lori Steeman


2635 Asbury Drive, Columbus

Philip J. Dion Jr. and Pamela Joanne Dion from JanetA. McGarr


4965 Oldbridge Drive, Columbus

Mark S. Stemm, Trustee, from Elizabeth Galbreath


5741 Godown Road, Columbus

Kevin L.W. Banks from Mary S. Barnum


1715 Churchview Lane, Columbus

1715 Churchview, LLC, from Ryan and Nicole Braet


6063 U.S. 42, Ostrander

Edward Family Estates Ltd. from Leroy Billman


9378 Pine Creek Drive, Powell

George and Karen Greco from Stephen B. and DonnaF. Graham


2290 Wildcat Run Court, Powell

Amy M. and Kelly D. Kammann from P&D Builders Ltd.


1190 Lincoln Road, Columbus

Darren P. Berman and Ansley Nicole Splinter from MarkE. Walter and Judy Wu


2060 Sandover Court, Columbus

Hope H. Tzagournis from Peter and Lauri Danis


103 Charterhouse Court Powell

Javier Martinez and Miryam Laura Burelli from KarenE. Bresky


1662 Guilford Road, Columbus

Gina R. Rancitelli from Zachary Selby and Stacey Brooks


10697 Preston Way, Powell

Karen E. Bresky from Conrad and Sharon Low


4757 Aberdeen Ave., Dublin

William S. Husel from Nancy L. Danison


2633 York Road, Columbus

Jeffrey and Bridget Lyons from Bruce A. Peterson


5355 Fort Ward Drive, New Albany

Smith Family Trust from Benjamin C. and Jennifer M. Taylor


7668 Sutton Place, New Albany

Aaron L. and Sarah A. Underhill from Adam Chait, et al


8142 Winchcombe Drive, Dublin

Bryan J. and Kristi M. Simone from Kristen Brinkman


8456 Tartan Fields Drive, Dublin

Nathaniel W. Jackson et al from Corrine Carman Kavinsky


13140 Center Village Road, Galena

Katherine and Matthew Flint from David C. and LauraJ. Sewak


5702 Ennishannon Place, Dublin

James V. Falk and Allyson H. Falk from Bryan J. and Kristi M. Simone


7818 Silver Rose Court, Dublin

Donald P. Kasson and Elizabeth A. Erwin from KathleenL. Munsell


5454 Summerwood Crossing, Galena

Gary P. and Linda Maul from Naresh and Ushaben Patel


6292 Muirloch Drive, Dublin

Olujoke Jones from Clifton R. Hood IV, et al

As provided by CompuName of Westerville. Statistics are gathered for the Greater Columbus Area, including all of Franklin County and parts of contiguous counties.