A makeup artist at Max the Salon in German Village talks about the 1970s influence on today's styles.

A makeup artist at Max the Salon in German Village talks about the 1970s influence on today's styles.

Eden Sokol has beena hair and makeup specialist for Charles Penzone's German Village salon since March 2009. As style and fashions evolve in the Capital City, Sokol weighs in on the impact she sees in personal styling trends.

How do you keep up with looksbeing influenced by the runways-and then translate those looks for Columbus?Keeping up with trends is pretty easy due to social media. I use Instagram and Pinterest, and I also like to keep it old-school and go to a bookstore, sit down with some coffee and some music and browse the magazine section. Sometimes it's hard taking a runway look and making it work for an everyday look. But you just have to be open and honest and make it easy for the clients to recreate themselves.

We are seeing a revival of 1970s style. What makeup advice would you give toColumbus women who want to mimic the look?The '60s were the years of minimal makeup and then as the '70s rolled around it was becoming more acceptable to wear more makeup and be more expressive. There were three main eye looks: natural and barely there, soft and smoky, and bold and garish. So I would say go with what you feel comfortable wearing. We don't all need to plaster our faces and contour the crap out of ourselves to look and feel beautiful … sometimes less is more.

It's no secret that hair and makeup trends come and go-are there any you were glad to see go?I am really glad that the pencil-thin, Sharpie-drawn-on brows are out! I like that a fuller, more natural brow is back. It's OK to fill in brows if they are naturally light, but there's no need to go crazy and overfill them.

You have gauged ears and a variety of intricatetattoos. Does the saying "beauty is pain" ring true for you? How would you define your own personal style?I am one to confess that sometimes beauty is pain. I have multiple versions of body modification. From my gauges, which are 1-1/4 inch, to my multiple piercings and all of my tattoos. They are what make me beautiful, and yes, they all hurt like hell! My own personal style comes from what makes me feel comfortable and beautiful. I would say that my own style is inspired by the '70s. I like to feel free and be able to express myself on a day-to-day basis.

Mother's Day is coming up-what expert advice do you give moms on hair and makeup?I think moms have the hardest time keeping up with the trends because they have a full-time job in taking care of their kids as well as their careers and their partners in life. So my advice would be to keep it simple. Use your natural beauty to your advantage. Play up your best attributes and keep the rest as is. Be who you are. That's what makes all of us beautiful in our own way.

Does your own mom follow your advice?My mom, oh my mom. She is a minimalist. She works hard every single day. She doesn't have time to be spending hours on her hair and makeup. She keeps it simple and I think that is what makes her my biggest inspiration. She is who she is and she doesn't try to be anyone else but herself.