Sorbet drinks? Denmark ?says 'Uhhh-huh.'

Sorbet drinks? Denmark ?says 'Uhhh-huh.'

When I spoke to Garry White back in March, the Denmark owner/general manager let me in on a secret: Winter was coming to his bar. Sure, it was spring but White was looking forward to the arrival of a new freezer and cooler, which meant the chance to experiment with and deploy sorbet-based cocktails.

The Can I Get Uhhh, a creation by bartender Derek Reno, became one of Denmark's first forays "into the frozen realm" as White puts it. (The drink got its name from Reno's longstanding joke that he wanted to name a cocktail after the way so many interactions with customers begin.)

The spring/summer version of the ?Can I Get Uhhh consists of a boozy mixed berry sorbet made with crème de violette, simple syrup, lemon and lavender bitters. When ready to serve, champagne is added over top.

"There's this really great interactive component with it," White says. "When you're handing someone a spoon with their drink, it then becomes almost like, 'Choose your own adventure.' Choose to eat that sorbet or break it up into the champagne mixture."

Indeed, the drink blurs the lines between dessert and a nightcap in the best possible way.

"We have this new thing that we can play with now, another area we've unlocked," White says.

It's one of the things that makes Denmark one of the top cocktail destinations in town-this drive to invent and evolve the menu. White says he and his team are continually playing with new sorbets and ice creams. His Golden Fashioned, which incorporates a sorbet made out of bourbon-soaked apricots, could pop up on a menu one day. And for the fall, White is working on a maple ice cream that could play into a Brandy Alexander.

So, although the Can I Get Uhhh cocktail may change with the seasons, White says one thing will probably stay the same.

"We really dig the name."