Want to add some sparkle?

Want to add some sparkle? Even though it's easiest to reach for the common staples such as pearls and simple pendants, new jewelry styles offer a modern look at the classics. Updated necklaces and earrings shine a little brighter during the holidays and here are plenty of options without stepping too far outside your comfort zone.

1. 2-carat natural Myanmar ruby pendant with surrounding graduated diamonds, $22,380 at Leo Alfred Jewelers

2. Sterling silver mosaic leaf dangle earrings, $165 at Leo Alfred Jewelers

3. Black Magic necklace, $38.99 at Cheesecake Boutique

4. Harlow statement necklace in black, $195 at Kendra Scott

5.Elle gold earrings in black, $55 at Kendra Scott

6. Gigi necklace, $28.99 at Cheesecake Boutique