Order a bone-in cut of meat and sit down to a Flintstones-style dinner

Gnawing meat from the bone is satisfying in a very primal, bordering-on-obscene kind of way.

We've become too accustomed to eating boneless, skinless (flavorless) chicken-it's time to return to our messy, carnivorous roots. First and foremost, these cuts of meat just taste better. Cooking on the bone infuses meat with intense, incomparable flavor.

There's nothing dainty about eating meat off the bone, either, and that's the way it should be. Go ahead and pick it up, sink your teeth in, gnaw off every last bit of meat and then suck out the marrow. Nobody's watching.

Get back in touch with your inner Fred Flintstone with these bone-in dishes.

Bone Marrow, $10
The dish that sparked our love affair with bones? This decadent Sage starter, a jaw-dropping plate of hacked-in-half Wagyu beef bones filled with silky, gelatinous, bacon-y bone marrow. On top is a bacon-fig gastrique and some wilted arugula, and the idea is to scoop a bit of all that stuff onto pieces of grilled bread. Eating through this dish leaves a pleasing sheen of glistening fat on your fingers and lips-and an impressive pile of bones on your plate.
Sage American Bistro
2653 N. High St., North Campus

Osso Buco D'Cardone, $19
To truly appreciate the incredible flavor imparted by bones and their marrow, you've got to try osso buco. It's a simple Italian stew that, traditionally, centers on slow-braised veal shank. Cardone's version combines chianti-braised lamb shank and carrots with risotto. Fall-off-the-bone tender lamb plus fantastically creamy risotto adds up to one soul-warming meal-homestyle cooking at its very best.
377 W. Main St., Westerville

Scarlet & Grey, $79
This is celebration food. An "I'm going to order the most expensive thing on the menu" kind of meal. And when it's delivered to your table, you will not be disappointed. The 34-ounce long-bone ribeye consists of a hefty cut of perfectly seared, unbelievably succulent American-style Kobe beef attached to a breathtaking 10-inch bone that extends well beyond the perimeter of the plate. It's served with melted butter and onion straws.
Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse
569 N. High St., Short North

Photos by Jodi Miller