No Frills Dining

The breakfast menu at Wildflower is refreshingly basic. Sometimes you don't need anything more than that. Expect stacks of buttermilk pancakes, biscuits and gravy, and Skillet Scramblers-eggs scrambled with breakfast meats and veggies, all topped with cheese.

It's nice when the basics are executed as well as they are at this folksy Clintonville standby, though.

Take the French Toast ($5.29). It's made with thick-cut Challah that's coated with a cinnamon-and-vanilla-spiked egg batter before being grilled and sprinkled with powdered sugar. And it's fantastic.

The Belgian waffle ($4.79) is a similarly deceptive standout. A standard-issue, plate-sized waffle gets a flavor boost from the addition of malted milk. Add fresh berries for $1.69 for an extra treat.