Matthew Barbee often conducts in-store Rockmill tastings at Columbus wine and beer retailers where his ales can be purchased, including the Barrel and Bottle, Weiland's Gourmet Market, the Hills Market, the Andersons and Gentile's Wine Sellers. The brewmaster recommends resting his beers for 10 to 15 minutes out of the fridge before sipping.


This floral beer has arousing pineapple and apple pie notes, plenty of carbonation and a clean, dry and clove-blossoming finish.


This coppery colored, bracing refresher has some banana esters and apricot in the nose to go with a powerful load of spices, like cloves and coriander.


Extra malt results in a richer body plus the high ABV typical of a Tripel. Flavors of apricot, citrus and a bit-o-honey give way to a refreshingly bitter finish.


Attractively figgy brown, the Dubbel has a complex, home-brew taste with touches of toffee that resolves into a pleasant rush of bitter dark chocolate.

Where to find Rockmill in Columbus

Rockmill beers are available in discriminating Columbus hotspots like DeepWood Tavern, the Jury Room, Mouton and other eateries listed below. Prospective imbibers should be thirsty, willing to share and/or have access to a cab-Rockmill's only sold in 750 milliliter "corked and caged" Champagne-like bottles, and costs upwards of $20 in local restaurants.

The thick, shatter-resistant vessels are necessary because all Rockmill ales are bottle conditioned-meaning they undergo a final, in-bottle fermentation to produce and trap the propulsive carbon dioxide gas that carbonates the beer. Bottle conditioning will also cloud the beer and guarantees yeasty dregs-an acquired taste that brewmaster Matthew Barbee relishes and recommends enjoying in concentrated, final slurps.

1044 N. High St., Short North

Brews Cafe
116 E. Broadway, Granville

511 N. High St., Short North

Hubbard Bar and Grille
793 N. High St., Short North

The Jury Room
22 E. Mound St., Downtown

Latitude 41
50 N. Third St., Downtown

954 N. High St.,
Short North

1295 Grandview Ave., Grandview

Third & Hollywood
1433 W. Third Ave., Grandview

Tutto Vino
7178 Muirfield Dr., Dublin