Sushi for Two dinner at AOI Sushi ($53)
878 Bethel Rd., Northwest Side

It arrives on a visually riveting carved wooden bridge you definitely want to cross, and nibbling on this stunner can really ratchet up the passion.

Spanning along its archway is a colorful smorgasbord of beautiful sushi and sashimi like silky hamachi nigiri, salmon with Philly cream cheese and spicy tuna maki rolls.

Meet your mate in the middle, where the meal's elaborate centerpiece--the Volcano Roll--radiates out like a stacked-high and thrilling amusement park ride.

Ooh and aah as you work past its crispy salmon tempura rolls up to its California rolls draped in fresh avocado. Rich, sweet and spicy sauces accompany a climb to delicious grilled fish. Atop this--in a lava-like, flame-red burst of fish roe--the Volcano roll culminates, but your evening has just found a little fire.

Chateaubriand for Two at Eddie Merlot's ($85)
1570 Polaris Pkwy., Polaris

By the time this huge hunk of prime, filet mignon-like love is wheeled out and carved tableside by the waiter, you and your date will likely be delirious with meat fever.

Let slicing through the beef's delightfully charred and salty crust to find a warm and beautifully tender center be a guide for the rest of your night. Comes with tangy bearnaise sauce and two sides, like great Brussels sprouts and Eddie's Potatoes. Bon appetit, lovebirds.

Italian Plate from Moretti's of Arlington ($21)
2124 Tremont Ctr., Upper Arlington

Whisked out on a serving platter and sprinkled with heart-like sauteed red pepper bits, mushrooms and onions, this is practically a Valentine to handmade and easy-to-love old-school favorites.

It contains logs of crackly battered zucchini, seared Italian sausages, spaghetti with a lusty red sauce, a large raviolo with sweet ricotta stuffing and a simple but perfect Chicken Francaise. From the pasta to the sausages, it's all homemade and served with a side of amore.