Did you catch my new column, Cheap Eats, in today's Dispatch? I wrote about the Little Palace Favorites menu, a collection of mini sandwiches priced dirt-cheap.

But I discovered another delicious value-priced option at the retro-chic Downtown spot just yesterday -- the Chipotle Sloppy Joe with Apple Slaw that's served each Wednesday as a special. For just $2.25, you get a fun combo of spicy ground beef paired with a pile of sweet and creamy apple cole slaw. In a happy accident, I got mine on buttered Texas toast because they ran out of regular sandwich buns. Man, it was good.

I initially ordered a side salad, but was forced to add another side once I got a look at my lunch companion's mac and cheese. I'm regularly disappointed by restaurant mac and cheese, but this stuff is fantastic. It tastes like the best homemade stuff, with big pasta shells covered in lots of gooey cheddar and just a hint of chili spice. Wow.

Courtney Hergesheimer/Dispatch photo