The apron is such a quintessential maternal symbol, isn't it? Conjures up images of mid-century housewives who spent much of the day in the kitchen. But aprons are surprisingly handy even in modern households -- protecting clothes from errant ingredients, filling in as hand towels and, in the case of the adorable Made by AmyD aprons, serving as holsters for beer bottles.

Or, as the invite to the North Market's annual Apron Gala fundraiser points out, to conceal a stomach that's rapidly expanding after ingesting food sample after food sample from the fabulous North Market merchants.

And that's why the women and men in attendance at Saturday's gala will be wearing their fanciest aprons as they eat their way through appetizers, main dishes and desserts. Guests can sip wine and microbrews from Columbus Brewing Company, too, as well as bid in a silent auction. Prizes will be awarded for best male and female aprons.

Apron Gala runs from 7-10 p.m. Saturday, May 21 at North Market. Tickets are $75, with proceeds going to the North Market Development Authority.

See ya there!

(Made by AmyD apron/Jodi Miller photo)