Can't imagine many more enjoyable ways to spend a gorgeous early summer evening than on the Basi Italia patio. I did just that last night, and it was lovely. We enjoyed many plates of beautiful and delicious food over a bottle of pinot noir. We watched the sun set and the tiny outdoor space light up under strands of white twinkle lights. Trust me, there's not a more romantic spot in the city. And I wasn't even on a date.

Here's a look at our meal:

Bread basket

Zucchini Pronto, with toasted almonds and pecorino cheese. Our other appetizer, pictured at top, was the fantastic Pistachio Honey Flatbread topped with crispy prosciutto.

Lobster & shrimp canneloni topped with roasted asparagus and zucchini spears

Sweet pea risotto with crab and spinach

Ciotollo dessert

Deconstructed tiramisu

Watch for my full review in the August issue of Capital Style.