Congrats to Dirty Frank's, whose veggie dogs (OK, the veggie dogs are not pictured above (sorry!), but they look pretty darn similar) were given top honors on PETA's Top Five Veggie Dogs list. All of Dirty Frank's ambitious topping combinations can be ordered on Tofurkey veggie dogs. PETA praised the Fire on the Rhine (topped with spicy sauerkraut, sriracha, chile paste, garlic and onions), the Hot Bollywood (spicy hot Indian mango chutney) and the Ohioana (spicy corn-jalapeno-pickle relish).

I'm usually a carnivore myself, but my personal favorite dog to order veggie-style is the Lara's Pittsburgh Princess, topped with coleslaw, fresh-cut fries and malt vinegar. The Downtown hot dog spot continues to cater to vegetarians by offering veggie Coney sauce and vegetarian refried beans.

Dirty Frank's beat out delicious-sounding competitors like Hawaii's Puka Dog, where you can top your hot dog with pineapple or coconut relish.