How awesome are Surly Girl's new Western-themed menus? They look like old-timey books and have real-deal embossed leather covers, each with a different Old West (think cowboys and Indians) image on the front. Love, love love the handmade aesthetic.

Inside is a revamped menu with new summer food and drink options. (But don't worry, the Spicy Peanut Butter & Banana and many more of your comfort food faves are still on there.)

A peek inside the gorgeous new menus:

And some detail shots:

Columbus' own R Design produced the menus, with help from local designer Barbara Eicke and the Surly Girl staff, who cut the photos out of vintage books all by themselves. Love it.

Here's a rundown of the new food options:

Caliente Crab Dip ($9): Warm and creamy cayenne-lime crab dip with tortilla chips and cucumber slices Southwest Salmon Caeser ($12): Mixed greens topped with corn & black bean salsa, red onions, jalapenos and avocado. Avocado caeser dressing. High Noon ($9): The BLT&A topped with an egg Cayenne-Lime Crab Salad Pita ($9): Toasted pita with mixed greens, cucumbers, white onion, cilantro and crab salad Texas Tuna Melt ($8): Tuna salad with toasted cheddar and bacon, topped with lettuce, romas and jalapenos on Texas toast Bandito Burrito ($9): Chili-marinated portobellos, lettuce, romas, black beans, sauteed peppers and onions in a flour tortilla, smothered in queso, topped with ranchero and green onions. Can add bacon or chorizo. Mean & Green Grilled Cheese w/Tomato Soup ($9): Green chilis, avocado and jalapenos on Texas toast with a six-cheese blend Chorizo & Portobello Grilled Cheese w/Tomato Soup ($9): Chorizo and chili-marinated portobellos on wheat with six-cheese blend Salmon Tacos ($12): Three tacos topped with slaw and citrus salsa Black Bean Tacos ($7): Three tacos topped with white onion, cilantro, ranchero sauce and avocado Tofu Tacos ($8): Three tacos topped with white onion, cilantro, ranchero sauce and avocado Chorizo Tacos ($8): Three tacos topped with white onion, cilantro, ranchero sauce and avocado Meatloaf Melts Supper Tray ($13): Cajun meatloaf with melted cheddar, sauteed onions and poblano mayo on toasted buttermilk biscuits; served with poblano mashers, green beans and a cupcake Black Bean Ravioli ($12): Poblano alfredo with sauteed peppers, onions, corn and chili-marinated portobellos over black bean ravioli Backyard BBQ Pizza ($11.50): Cheddar, pulled pork, corn, green onions, romas and barbecue sauce Wicked Western White ($11.50): Poblano alfredo, bacon, jalapenos, white onions, cilantro and romas Cajun Meatloaf ($11): Meatloaf drizzled in roasted red pepper aioli served with poblano mashers and steamed broccoli Pollo Ranallo ($12): Chicken breast topped with chorizo and smothered in creamy queso, drizzled in ranchero sace, served with yellow rice and black beans Heart-Shaped Crab Cakes ($14): Nestled atop black beans, cilantro-citrus slaw and drizzled in red pepper aioli Pulled Pork and Black Bean Huevos Surlitos ($12): Toasted flour tortilla topped with two eggs, black beans, pulled pork, green chiles, avocado slices and drizzled with ranchero sauce