Talk about a perfect pairing. Our own First Lady of Hot Dogs, Liz Lessner, handed out 1,000 free hot dogs today at Sensenbrenner Park to help mark the 75th birthday of the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile.

A special food truck version of the Wienermobile is in the middle of a 12-city tour of the country, handing out Oscar Mayer Selects hot dogs. If you missed today's event, you can also catch the Wienermobile at this week's Columbus Arts Festival, where they'll be giving out more free samples.

Lessner raved about the Selects dogs, which use celery juice in place of artificial preservatives. "It's really exciting to see mainstream dogs going the natural route," she said.

Diners got to top their dogs with Dirty Frank's toppings, including the Ohioana sweet corn relish, a Pineapple Princess combo made with pineapple salsa and Ohio honey, and the Cowgirl, topped with coney sauce and crushed Fritos.

I got a chance to tour the actual Wienermobile, too, which is basically a hot-dog themed van. It was pretty sweet. Ketchup and mustard-colored seats! Hot-dog-shaped dashboard! A ceiling that looks like the sky! Seatbelts nicknamed "meatbelts"!

And, as a parting gift, my very own Wiener Whistle.