Apparently this is a tacos kind of week for me. I'd been hearing buzz about a new taco place out in Westerville, Yabo's Tacos. They've been open a week, and their shtick is $2 tacos and $1 "retro beers" (think PBR) of the day. Sold! The Baja-style tacos can be ordered with your choice of a bunch of different scratch-made fillings: charbroiled chicken, slow-roasted shredded pork shoulder, slow-roasted beef, Baja-spiced ground beef, grilled or fried shrimp, grilled or fried fish, grilled beef stead or grilled veggies. I went with one pork and one grilled fish taco. Each comes on your choice of flour or white corn tortilla (go with corn), and topped with lettuce, pico de gallo, cilantro and, oddly, feta cheese. Kind of weird, but it works. Both were tasty, with the edge going just slightly to the pork. Next time around, I'd order my fish tacos with tempura-fried fish instead. Tip: three tacos would probably make for a good lunch order. This quick-serve spot does more than just tacos, though. A pretty lengthy menu includes salads, burritos, quesadillas, wraps and rice-and-bean bowls, all available with the same selection of meats as the tacos.

Everything is a la carte, so sides (including rice w/corn, black beans, refried beans and intriguing Mexicali Fried Sweet Potatoes) are an extra cost. I didn't spot the sides menu until after I ordered, so next time around I'd like to try those sweet potatoes. Instead, I got an order of chips and guacamole ($4). The guacamole was good, though the bowl was a little shallow for my tastes. The chips, though, were kind of bland. Instead of being salty, these tortilla chips seemed to be dusted in taco seasoning powder.

On the tables are bottles of made-in-house hot sauces in various flavors and degrees of heat. I tried the mild "Sissy Sauce," which was fine but forgettable, as well as the medium Serrano Lime, with a nice citrus blast.

Now, let's talk about Westerville. Most misleading neighborhood name ever, right? I always imagine it's just west of downtown, when in fact it's the farthest out of the northeastern suburbs. A hike, if you're coming from downtown. Don't think I'd go as far as to say this is destination dining, but it's a great little neighborhood spot for Westerville folks and definitely worth a stop if you're in the area. Yabo's Tacos 7097 State Rte. 3, Westerville 614-212-4090