Stopped in at Surly Girl last night for some happy hour Foodfighting, and to sample some of the goodies from their fancy new revamped menu.

Here's what we tried: Salmon Tacos ($12): Three tacos topped with slaw and citrus salsa, served with rice and black beans.

Verdict: Yum! I love fish tacos, and these were excellent examples. Each taco (in your choice of corn or flour tortillas) comes with a hunk of grilled salmon (just slightly overcooked--so common with salmon), topped with a tasty salsa made with mandarin oranges plus some shredded cabbage slaw. Would've loved to have a half a lime rather than two slices so as to thoroughly soak the tacos, but then I'm kind of a citrus freak.

Cayenne-Lime Crab Salad Pita ($9): Toasted pita with mixed greens, cucumbers, white onion, cilantro and crab salad.

Verdict: A winner! It's similar to the Salmon Fritter Pita at Tip Top, with a soft pita exterior surrounding a chilled seafood salad. Loved the cayenne-lime accents in the crab salad--you definitely get some spicy heat. Cucumber slices and lettuce provide some crunch. These pita triangles come with your choice of side dish.

Also enjoyed some Barley's ESB (Extra Strong Bitter), one of the Ohio brews discounted to $3 during happy hour. Overall, a great meal and I'm looking forward to trying more of the new stuff!