I was sitting at the bar at Sage, powering through appetizers and cocktails with Crave photographer Jodi Miller, when this plate of hacked-in-half Wagyu beef bones came out of the kitchen. Our jaws both dropped.

This Bone Marrow starter looks like it's straight out of "The Flintstones," and eating it is satisfying in a very primal sort of way.

Seared bone marrow feels silky and gelatinous, tastes a little like bacony Jell-O, and leaves a pleasing sheen of glistening fat on your fingers and lips. At Sage, chef Bill Glover tops that already decadent stuff with a bacon-fig gastrique and a pile of wilted arugula. Spoon all that onto some toasted bread, and it's a simply transcendent treat.

The aftermath:

Even empty, these bones are impressive, right?

And that was only one of the appetizers Jodi and I shared that night. A close runner-up for favorite of the night was the Scallop and Foie Gras.

A giant sea scallop is lightly seared, then topped with a bit of delicious fatty duck liver and a gorgeous little tangle of red pepper marmalade. The entire dish is just a few bites, but dunk those bites into the smear of sherry-ginger aioli and it's so perfectly rich you won't want more than that.

We also quite liked the Seared Gretna. You basically assemble your own little open-faced grilled cheese with gooey Ohio cheese, spicy tomato jam and delicate green onion threads.

A hunk of Braised Pork Belly served on a creamed corn ragout and topped with jalapeno ketchup tasted fantastic but did not photograph well.

And then there was dessert: a berry cobbler with ice cream and an awesome chocolate ganache tart.

Oh, and lots of drinks. This one's a Cucumber-Lemongrass Martini, with Effen Cucumber vodka, dry vermouth and champagne.

Good food, good drinks and good company added up to one of my favorite evenings in a while.