I haven't yet made it out to the Ohio State Fair with enough spare time to try this year's crazy Krispy Kreme Burger. But I did get to eat at the fair as part of my various judging duties. I judged Sugardale's Bac-On cooking contest on Saturday and then the Rib-Off, sponsored by the Ohio Pork Producers Council, on Tuesday.

For that competition, the lucky judges got to try ribs and pulled pork from six different Ohio pitmasters. The winning dishes in all three categories (ribs, pulled pork and BBQ sauce) was Hickory River Smokehouse from Tipp City. Very impressive feat, and very impressive barbecue. That's their pulled pork up top.

On the other end of the spectrum, I enjoyed a bunch of non-meaty food at the awesome Hills Market Foodie Fair and Spelling Bee on Saturday. Here's a look at what I sampled from the 14 street food vendors on hand:

Sassafras Bakery peach pie topped with a scoop of Jeni's vanilla ice cream. Amaaaazing.

Darista Cafe, a new venture from local foodie Dara Schwartz, made its debut at the Foodie Fair, and I tried both the dishes they were offering.

The Plantain Salad reminded me (in a good way) of El Arepazo's deliciousness, especially since it was topped with a spicy cilantro sauce.

Everyone who tried the Cucumber Gazpacho with goat cheese crumbles raved and raved. Including me. Lots of flavors happening in that little cup.

Also tried a bite of the veggie flatbread from The Munchbox.

And The Cheesy Truck's Modfather grilled cheese sandwich, with English Cotswald cheese and bacon.

Isn't summer fair season the best?