By Shelley Mann + Photo by Jodi Miller

Yes, this is only Crave's second issue, but our writers have an awful lot of experience reviewing restaurants in Columbus--not to mention eating at them. So yeah, we're going there. We're declaring the 10 best restaurants in Columbus.

As we narrowed down our choices, our editorial board considered atmosphere, general vibe, wine lists, cocktail menus, attentive and knowledgeable service.

But first and foremost was the food. We wanted menus that are not only filled with delicious dishes, but that are creative and always changing, that incorporate local and seasonal ingredients, and that are infused with the chef's personality.

When we sat down to hash out this list, I was expecting a knock-down, drag-out fight. But we came to a consensus pretty quickly. These are our very favorite places to eat in the city, the places that make us most proud to call Columbus home.

So let us tell you about our top 10 restaurants, and why we're so crazy about them.

Crave's Editorial Board: G.A. Benton, Alive food critic; Robin Davis, Dispatch Food Editor; Brian Lindamood, Director of Niche Publications; Katie Wolfe Lloyd, Publisher; Shelley Mann, Editor; Will Shilling, Creative Director

The Crave 10 1. Rigsby's 2. G. Michael's 3. Kihachi 4. Dragonfly 5. Basi Italia 6. Sage 7. Refectory 8. M 9. Alana's 10. Worthington Inn