When I wrote about DK Diner's breakfast sandwiches for our inaugural issue, the Grandview diner was not yet offering the Donut Sandwich, an ingenious combination of their two main specialties--donuts and breakfast foods.

It's basically scrambled eggs, cheese and a breakfast meat of your choice served on one of their grilled, glazed donuts. Yes. Oddly, a similar offering from earlier this summer, the Krispy Kreme Burger at the Ohio State Fair, did not appeal to me at all. A donut breakfast sandwich, on the other hand, just makes sense. Bacon and sausage are commonly served alongside sweet breakfast things like pancakes and French toast, so combining them with donuts isn't really a stretch. Plus, DK Diner's donuts are so much better (and heftier) than Krispy Kremes. They can easily stand up to eggs and bacon. My other reservation with the Krispy Kreme Burger was the idea of getting glaze all over my fingers while eating. I avoided this issue altogether by tackling this sandwich with a fork. Each bite was an amazing combination of salty, greasy and sweet. The sausage worked really well on this sandwich, and I kind of want to go back and try it with bacon just to see how different it tastes. (Side note: DK Diner also does their own Donut Burger. I did not try it, but let me know if you have.)

Also had to order a sour cream donut, just because I don't know if it's physically possible for me to leave that place without one.