Crave celebrates our city's signature dishes

Columbus isn't synonymous with one particular dish the way Cincinnati is with chili, or Chicago is with deep-dish, or Philly is with cheesesteak. But that doesn't mean we're lacking dishes that scream Columbus. They're the plates you can't order anywhere else in the country. The sandwiches you grew up eating. The bites you show off to out-of-town visitors. The stuff you'd pine after if you ever moved away. They're what restaurants brag about via menu declarations: "Home of the World Famous PastaSalvi!" "Enjoy the legendary Mother Mohawk!"

We whittled the list of only-in-Columbus dishes down to our favorite dozen. Finalists made the cut for numerous reasons, from having a fantastic name (like the Village Addiction) to being downright addictive (Marcella's veal meatball).


Thurman's man-vs.-food masterpiece is probably the city's most famous dish. That's not to say it's our most beloved--there are just as many detractors as there are fans of this massive burger, with its 24 ounces of ground beef, bacon, ham, three kinds of cheese, etc., etc. But the enduring legacy of the dare-you-to-eat-it-all Thurmanator Challenge will ensure the pub's lines stay perpetually long.

Thurman Cafe
183 Thurman Ave., German Village