After an extensive search to find a Muffuletta sandwich in Columbus that measured up to the amazing one I enjoyed on a recent trip to New Orleans, I believe I've found the winner. Behold the Traditional Muffuletta at Flatiron, a place I always forget about and then vow to eat there more often every time I visit. The problem with most muffulettas around town isn't the meats, it's the bread. This is the first I've found served on the traditional muffuletta loaf, a round, flat focaccia-like bread with sesame seeds on top.

Flatiron's sandwich ($11) comes with salami, mortadella, ham, provolone and the spicy olive salad that make muffalettas so special. Yum. I split mine with my lunch date and ordered a side of Flatiron's fabulous Sweet and Hot fries. They're drizzled in balsamic vinegar and topped with shredded Vermont cheddar and red pepper flakes, and they're highly recommended.

And here's the sandwich that inspired the hunt, from Butcher in New Orleans. It's a beautiful sandwich bun filled with house-cured meats, cheese, and a great housemade olive salad. Well worth tracking down if you're ever in NOLA.

Flatiron Bar and Diner

129 E. Nationwide Blvd., Downtown