Know what's better than a Bloody Mary brunch? A build-your-own Bloody Mary brunch. I'm embarking on a tour of the city's Bloody Mary bar scene, starting with what is probably the most famous: Due Amici's. At Due Amici, not only do you get a fabulous deal (one brunch entree and one Bloody Mary for $15), but you get a tableside bartender who whips up a custom-made cocktail from her traveling cart. It's pretty darn fun.

I asked our mixologist to make me a slightly spicy Bloody Mary, with pepper-infused vodka and all her preferred add-ons, plus a squeeze of lime. She obliged.

My drink it all its delicious glory. It was great, and now I can't wait to play around with different ingredient combinations and figure out my ultimate Bloody Mary recipe.

And to eat, I had the Asparagus & Mushroom Frittata, a baked omelet topped with parmesan and mozzarella, and quite enjoyed it.

So which Bloody Mary bar should I try next?

Due Amici

67 E. Gay St., Downtown