Ever have the urge to order one of everything on the menu? Well, last week, I did it.

OK, so it was everything off DeepWood's short and sweet Tavern Small Plates menu. And it was split between four people. And one item, the Pork Osso Buco Cake with pear-mostarda was sadly sold out. And we opted not to get an oyster due to inability to split it four ways. But it still counts! Here's what we did get:

House-Made Ramen with noodles, snow pea, carrot, mushroom, soft-cooked egg, bean sprouts, vegetable broth ($8). Ramen has been HOT for a while now in bigger cities like NYC. The Asian noodle dish is just starting to pop up on menus around Columbus, and DeepWood does two excellent versions. This smaller happy hour take is filled with vegetables, while the dinner menu has a great Duck Ramen. Both feature house-made ramen noodles.

Duck Wings & Fries: mustard-glazed wings with duck fat fries ($6). The wings are great, but the real scene stealer is the duck fat fries. Yeah, you heard that right.

Angus Burger stuffed with foie gras and smoked gouda on a toasted bun with date-ancho sauce ($8). This was my favorite of the bunch. The perfectly cooked burger was loaded with decadent foie gras and gooey cheese. So, so good. I only wish the bun matched the greatness of the burger.

Egg, sunny-side-up, with kimchi & pork pancake ($5). I think this was the unanimous favorite dish for the other three people in my party. Love the concept, and it was very tasty.

Skate, fried, with tartar sauce ($6). I've written before about my love for skate wing, and in particular DeepWood's dinner-menu take. These skate tenders (skate fingers?) were fun, though the delicate flavor of the sea ray gets a little lost under the crunchy coating.

Sweet Potato, loaded with house-made bacon, onion & mushroom, goat cheese and scallions ($5). Our table was divided on this dish. A couple of us loved its over-the-topness, while the others felt the toppings didn't quite pair well with the sweet potato.

Spatzle, a gratin ($4). This is basically a glorified block of mac-n-cheese. Not that I'm complaining, because who doesn't love a block of mac-n-cheese?

The Tavern Small Plates menu is served from 3-7 p.m. Monday through Friday at the DW Tavern Bar.


511 N. High St., Short North