Red Hot's a solid contender for best-looking food truck in Columbus, don't you think? The vintage 1971 Airstream trailer has been repurposed into a mobile kitchen, and emblazoned with flames to convey its fiery Tex-Mex fusion theme.

Here's the truck in all its glory parked outside St. James Tavern for this week's installment of Mobile Mondays.

And here's an up-close look at their logo. Now if only those flames were translated directly onto the menu. While Red Hot's selection of tacos and quesadillas sounded so delicious I could hardly choose, the ones I tried could've benefitted from a bit more heat.

I had the Korean BBQ Shrimp tacos with cabbage slaw (the sauce was good, but more sweet than spicy)

And the Pumpkin Quesadilla, with asparagus, blue cheese and onions. Again, the concept here is great but the pumpkin puree was too sweet and distracted from the other elements. Next time I think I'll stick with one of the more straightforward options, like carnitas or steak tacos.

Red Hot Food Truck