Dinin' Hall, a new street food hub in Franklinton, officially opened for business on Monday. It's a 1,300-square-foot communal dining space (think summer camp cafeteria) where you can enjoy food truck fare at a table, under a roof.

I stopped by for lunch yesterday, and while there are still a few opening-week kinks to work out, it was indeed pretty cool to be served food truck fare restaurant-style.

The idea is you order from one of two rotating trucks outside, then take your number inside and pay for your food and drinks (they take credit cards!). Then grab a seat and your food will be delivered shortly.

Dinin' Hall is located inside a former loading dock at 400 West Rich, an artists' studio space in Franklinton. The vibe is industrial but comfortable--a coat of white paint does a lot to make the space feel light and airy. Garage doors that can be opened up during hot summer months will contribute to that feeling, too.

The food hub is open for lunch 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Monday-Friday.

I tried a veggie sandwich from Nicolasa's for lunch yesterday. It had a fried slice of eggplant, sauteed peppers and onions, and a good spicy sauce.

Here's the Dinin' Hall lineup for the rest of the week:

Tuesday: Ajumama & Street Thyme

Wednesday: Pitabilities & Spinelli's Deli

Thursday: Ajumama & Freedom a la Cart

Friday: Earth's Crust & Market District

Saturday: CU Meetup: Ajumama, Pitabilities & Street Thyme

Dinin' Hall

400 West Rich St., Franklinton