From food trucks to fine dining and craft beer to handcrafted cocktails, these are the chefs, bartenders and visionaries who are redefining the way this city eats and drinks

Allow us to introduce you to the rising stars who are quietly shaping the food we'll all be eating for years to come. Actually, you may already know some of them--a few big names who are taking big risks. Others have been working far under the radar.

You'll peek inside the mind of a renowned vegan chef who's flexing his muscles by starting to cook with meat. You'll meet a hardworking young chef who's bounced around countless kitchens but finally landed in a place where he's been entrusted with complete creative freedom.

One of our spotlighted sous chefs is making a name for herself as one of the rare women in the kitchen. Another is combining his love for food and beer in a remarkable way. And a third had enough moxie to apply for a guest-chef spot at Thomas Keller's Per Se. (Spoiler: He got it.) Then there are the three people who are raising the bar for street food in Columbus.

It's not just chefs, either. We'll introduce you to a couple who opened their dream pizzeria, and the guy who's opening his dream cocktail lounge next door. And to two women with plans to transform their modest bakery into a worker-owned collective that will also run a full-service restaurant.

Everyone has their own fascinating story, but they've all got one thing in common: This is their year.

Columbus Tastemakers 2012

Marcus Meacham, executive chef at Bodega

Kenny Kim & Misako Ohba, owners/chef at Freshstreet

Colin Vent, sous chef at DeepWood & brewer at Seventh Son Brewing

Chris Crader & Bethany Lovell, owners at Harvest Pizzeria

Travis Owens, owner/bartender at Curio at Harvest

Alexis Randolph, sous chef at Ella

Jennie Scheinbach & Sarah Bryant, owners at Pattycake Bakery

Mike Gadd, cook at Sage American Bistro

Angie Theado, owner/chef at The Coop

Magdiale Wolmark, owner/chef at Till