Owners, Harvest Pizzeria

By Shelley Mann // Photo by Jodi Miller

Harvest is a pizzeria, yes, but it's much more than that. It's locally sourced ingredients, many grown at the owners' small Canal Winchester farm. It's a menu that changes every few months to reflect the season. It's craft beers and fun cocktails. It's a perfectly curated selection of small-plate appetizers and desserts.

That this charming German Village spot feels more like a fine-dining restaurant than a pizza joint isn't surprising, seeing as owners Chris Crader and fiancee Bethany Lovell learned every aspect of the dining business while helping to open some of the city's best-known restaurants-Elevator, Barrio, Due Amici.

Crader is a self-defined pizza junkie who spent years perfecting his pies, dating back to when he lived with Elevator Manager Will Triplett.

"It's funny," Triplett said. "He used to always make pizzas, experimenting with doughs and ingredients at the house."

Harvest's executive chef Matt Owens has helped bring Crader's dream pizzas to reality-wood-fired pies with bubbly, charred crusts, the perfect ratio of sauce to cheese and tantalizing topping combinations.

That keen eye to detail is what's made Harvest successful. So successful, in fact, that expansion plans began almost immediately after the pizzeria opened in July.

Curio at Harvest, a bar that'll double as a spillover waiting area, will serve handcrafted cocktails and bar snacks to customers who happily endure hour-plus waits for tables in the tiny dining room.

Ages: Crader, 33; Lovell, 32
Neighborhood: German Village
Previous gigs: General manager at Barrio, Due Amici, The Rossi (Crader); Bartender at Elevator, Press Grill (Lovell)

495 S. Fourth St.,German Village