Sous chef, Deepwood & Brewer, Seventh Son Brewing Co.

Story by G.A.Benton // Photo by Jodi Miller

Colin Vent is always looking ahead. So, having determined food would soon be in his future, as part of Vent's final thesis show to attain a fine arts degree from OSU he not only produced beautiful ceramic pieces, but also cooked artful amuse-bouches to be eaten from them.

Later, after a stint as sous chef at Z Cucina, Vent ventured forward with Z's head chef, Brian Pawlak, to help launch the innovative DeepWood.

Now Vent, along with likeminded friends Collin Castore, Jen Burton and Travis Spencer, is primed to start production at Seventh Son Brewing Co. (known as Born Brewing before they ran into trademark troubles with Budweiser, whose Rolling Rock uses the tagline "Born small town").

"Brewing is a lot like cooking, where you have a dream idea of how something should taste that you try to reach through constant tweaking," Vent said.

Using sharp culinary skills to build flavors and develop recipes, Vent and his team have devised two signature brews they hope will kick-start their new enterprise. They're called Black Sheep ("not quite a porter, not quite a stout") and Seventh Son--an American Strong Ale that's "not quite a barley wine, not quite an IPA." Similar to the food at DeepWood, these first beers were designed to be familiar yet distinct.

Looking ahead--as always--Vent sees potential Seventh Son dinners at DeepWood. He'd also love food trucks to visit the Italian Village brewery so customers could enjoy their hot grub with cold beers while seated inside the cozy new space.

Age: 29
Neighborhood: Italian Village
Previous gig: Sous chef at Z Cucina

1101 N. Fourth St., Italian Village

511 N. High St., Short North